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Douglas Channel
Energy Partnership

Douglas Channel Energy Partners (DCEP) is a privately-owned partnership formed in British Columbia for the purpose of construction and operation of the Project.

Project Proponents & Structure

Douglas Channel

Douglas Channel LNG Assets Partnership (DCLAP) will be the owner of the facility assets including the terminal, pipelines and power facilities. The general partner of DCLAP is Douglas Channel Gas Services Ltd.

Douglas Channel Energy Partnership (DCEP) will operate the facility and provide terminal use service to DCEP Gas Management Ltd. Operations will be outsourced and conducted by a recognized and experienced LNG facility operator.

DCEP Gas Management Ltd. has executed an exclusive Terminal Use Agreement with DCEP and will acquire natural gas from qualified Canadian producers/providers to be used for liquefaction.

BC LNG Export Co-Operative LLC has executed a purchase/sale agreement with (GML) to acquire all of the LNG produced from the facility. The Export Co-Op will enter into purchase/sale agreements with one or more parties focused on LNG imports to the Pacific Rim markets.

LNG Partners, a Delaware Limited Liability Company, is a closely held private equity firm formed in 2000 with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Since inception, the firm has focused on investment and development within various segments of the LNG supply chain including small-scale LNG liquefaction, LNG shipping & storage optimization and niche regasification facilities. Its ownership group and senior management team, led by Thomas P. Tatham and Glenn H. Tatham, has over 100 years of experience in the upstream, midstream, LNG and marine construction energy sectors.

HN DC LNG LP, a limited partnership established under the laws of the Province of British Columbia, was formed in 2011 for the benefit of the Haisla Nation. HNLP was created to provide the Haisla Nation a vehicle through which to pursue and otherwise engage in the liquefied natural gas industry in Western Canada. The traditional territory of the Haisla Nation is situated along British Columbia’s north coast and more specifically, the Douglas Channel Region of Kitimat.


What is the BC LNG Export Co-Op?

The BC LNG Export Co-Op was formed to provide an open, transparent and competitive forum to bring together qualified sellers and buyers.

Douglas Channel

Gas Supply: Qualified BC and Alberta natural gas producers interested in providing feed natural gas supplies to the Douglas Channel Energy Project for liquefaction, export and resale to prospectively higher priced Pacific Rim LNG markets.

  • Likely members are mid-tier gas producers (not majors)
  • Open to all qualified producers
  • Provides market alternative to smaller producers

LNG Buy-side: Qualified Pacific Rim LNG buyers and distributors interested in purchasing LNG based upon feed natural gas supplies produced and priced in Western Canada.

  • Equal opportunity to qualified Asian LNG buyers
  • Expected production attractive to trading companies dealing in Pacific Rim cargos